An insider's journey through Nepal

  • Namaste


    Accountability Lab is an award-winning nonprofit building a movement of active citizens and responsible leaders around the world.


    You are invited to participate in our upcoming Social Impact Tour, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience Nepal’s vibrant culture as well as its inspiring, youth-led movement for social change. In addition to exploring Nepal’s enchanting and world-renowned sites, you will learn first-hand about some of the most innovative ideas to address Nepal’s challenges and create social and political change. The tour provides a unique, insider’s guide to the country, with the opportunity to leave a real impact, form lasting connections, and gain valuable insights into how to address political and accountability issues your own country.


    The Tour will take place between April 23-26, 2017, with an optional excursion extending through April 27-29. This is an ideal time to visit Nepal, with temperatures generally around 70°-80°F, flowers blooming, and historic events taking place - including the 2-year anniversary of the devastating earthquakes and the 70 year celebration of US-Nepal friendship.

    We are excited to extend to you a warm welcome to Nepal and together explore solutions to some of the core challenges of international development.

  • Itinerary

    April 23-26


    • Arrival to Kathmandu
    • Massages by the visually impaired at “Helping Hands”
    • Welcome dinner



    • Early-morning yoga

    • Field visit to the Mobile Citizen Helpdesk efforts’ in an earthquake-affected village

    • Event commemorating the 2-year anniversary of the 2015 earthquake


    • Strategy and feedback workshop
    • Visit to Boudha and Pashupatinath (UNESCO World Heritage Sites)
    • Shopping for souvenirs
    • Fly home, or travel outside Kathmandu for additional excursion(s)
  • Excursion to Pokhara (optional)

    April 26-28

    Enjoy a relaxing getaway

    Just a 40-minute flight from Kathmandu, Pokhara is a small lakeside city that offers breathtaking views and exciting adventure. Stay at Temple Tree Resort & Spa, with an infinity pool, jacuzzi, spa treatments, and more.

    Choose your adventure(s)

    • World-class paragliding, bungee jumping, zip flying, or ultra-light flight

    • Canoe across Phewa Lake to the World Peace Pagoda

    • Mountain bike around the lake or nearby trails

    • Hike at the base of the Annapurna Mountain Range

    • Whitewater rafting on the Upper Seti River

    • Explore local caves

    • Take a yoga and/or meditation class

  • Meet the Accountapreneurs

    During the tour, you will have the opportunity to talk with, learn from, and mentor the ten “accountapreneurs” participating in our Accountability Incubator. These creative, young change-makers work tirelessly to create a community for accountability, engage and empower youth, and develop practical tools to help fight corruption. Read more about each of their projects below.

    Medha Sharma

    Medha is training, mentoring, and resourcing adolescent

    girls in the earthquake-affected of Nuwakot to become pioneering citizen journalists.

    Govinda Siwakoti

    Govinda runs an Accountability Film School to empower young people to speak up about economic, social and political

    issues in their communities.

    Anita Thapa

    Anita runs an interactive civic education program that evaluates schools, builds custom curricula, and enables students to lead community improvement projects.

    Basanta Adhikari

    Basanta is leading youth groups in conducting performance surveys

    of local government agencies in the eastern city of Biratnagar.

    Yubaraj Nepal

    Yubaraj is addressing corruption and

    misinformation in the labor migration sector by developing an

    society. open data initiative with reliable

    information on migrants’ rights.

    Kabita Rai

    Kabita empowers youth to use art and theater to promote accountability at all levels of society.

    Prakash Koirala

    Prakash is educating citizens on financial literacy and how to

    hold the government

    accountable for providing public services.

    Prakash Bhattarai

    Prakash is advocating for the disadvantaged and addressing root causes of corruption in the migration sector.

    Brabim Kumar

    Brabim is closing feedback loops by researching and compiling a knowledge base on post-disaster relief efforts and the reconstruction process.

    Busan Prasain

    Busan is building an information provide voters with consistent and surveillance portal to access to information on electoral and political processes.

  • Accommodations & Logistics



    Stay in a peaceful, well-located and modern bed-and-breakfast, Tings Lounge Hotel, which offers free WiFi, hot water, private bathrooms, a fan, newspapers, and a full breakfast (eggs, coffee, tea, orange juice, yogurt, bread, fruit, müsli, etc).


    Let us introduce you to Nepal’s incredible cuisine (dal bhaat, momos, biryanai, and more)

    at our favorite restaurants. You’ll also get to enjoy a homemade meal in a Nepali home, and even learn how to cook a dish or two if you’re interested.


    We’ll travel around in an air-conditioned, luxury minibus.

    Our friendly team of Nepali and US staff will be by your side to show you around, answer questions, and translate when needed - though many people in Kathmandu speak English.

  • Testimonials

    Hear what past Social Impact Tour participants have to say

    “The ‘accountapreneurs’ that the Lab identifies have chosen to channel their entrepreneurial ambitions and talents to address the most pressing market gap - the gap between citizens’ expectations and the ability of the government to deliver services. Their approaches to address this gap helped me see what can be done in my own country. I learned from the young people I met the power of hope and persistence, and returned home even more inspired about what I can do to make a change.” - Can Atacik

    “After 6 days on the road, from early mornings to late evenings, under the sun and rain, we came out of the Tour standing, inspired and more committed than ever to help ‘unleash’ Nepal. During the tour we learned about important and creative initiatives to empower the youth to address corruption, participated in national TV programs, and met with government officials, local entrepreneurs, business leaders, emergent politicians. The work that the Accountability Lab team is doing is exceptional. We need to create a critical mass of people that are willing to work and invest in long-term initiatives like this. After this trip, I am certainly one of them.”

     - Andrea Albornoz

    "Visiting Accountability Lab in Nepal was truly one of the best experiences of my life. The staff and community members were incredible, and it offered an opportunity to gain insights into how such an impactful organization operates on the ground. I left thinking differently about how communities can drive change that is so needed throughout the world." - Kate Hayes

  • Your Contribution

    Our local team works hard to get you great deals. A small portion of this (about 25%) goes back to the Lab as a donation to its work to build accountability in Nepal.

    4-day, 3-night stay in Kathmandu and surrounding areas: $1,340

    (includes all accommodation, local transportation, meals, and activities)

    3-day, 2-night excursion to Pokhara: $1,000

    (with additional costs for adventure sports like paragliding)

    Each participant is responsible for booking her/his own airfare.

    Furthermore, participants are encouraged to contribute in other ways they feel comfortable, such as mentoring the accountapreneurs, spreading the word about the Lab via social media outreach or blog post(s), connecting us with potential partners or donors, and/or sharing ideas on how the Lab can improve.